Who is Loonie?

who is loonie

Who is Loonie?

Loonie is one of the sensational and famous rapper here in the Philippines. He was a former member of the obliterated organization Rappublic headed by the King of Rap Francis Magalona. Loonie is said to be right hand of Kiko (Francis Magalona’s alias) during the reign of Rappublic rap songs. How true is this? Is loonie the right hand of Kiko? Preferably, Yes. He is the right hand of Kiko. As you can notice in every album released by the Rappublic both the Rappublic of the Philippines Volume 1 and Volume 2, Loonie’s song was always right after the song of Francis Magalona. Although Crazy as Pinoy consist by Basilyo, Crispin and Sisa was a charmismatic team and also the grand champion of the rap competition “Rap Public of the Philippines “ held in Eat Bulaga in the year 2002, still Loonie’s song was situated in the second after Kiko’s song both first and second volume of Rappublic. These things answers that Loonie was the right of Francis Kiko Magalona. Even Basilyo which I think more famous and a better rapper than him at that time doesn’t get the favor from Kiko.

Loonie’s personal infomation

Who is Loonie in real life? Loonie ‘s real name is Marlon Peroramas living in Pasig City and current age of 26. Loonie’s birthday is December 19. He was a member of Stick Figgas. Currently a member also of Baranggay Tibay and Konektado. Miyuki Yoshida is the name of Loonie’s wife which celebrate their Fourth anniversary this last December 12, 2014.  Loonie is a kind of a sweet man. When Miyuki has been attack during the TEAM SS vs TEAM LA battle, Loonie answers confidently that Miyuki is fine with that. He said that Miyuki’s skin is as hard as his.

Loonie’s Battle in Fliptop

Who is loonie in Fliptop? Currently we could say that Loonie is the strongest and famous rapper here in Philippines. Although, he only score 4 wins and zero lose in Fliptop Rap Battle League. In his first battle with Zaito, Loonie was showing his incredible multi, rebuttal and very good rhyme schemes that made the battle epic in the history of Philippine Rap. Even, Zaito a Freestyle Champion was running out of words to rap as he listen to Loonie’s verses.

In his second battle with Gap, Loonie shows a very wide gap between him and the young rapper Gap. Just like the third battle with BLKD, Gap chokes in his verses and even forget all his writtens.

BLKD also known as Allen Enriquez, one of the famous rapper along with Loonie and Dello. He is famous in his intelligent verses, intelligent word play and high foul outing words. Because of this, He was titled as “the future of hiphop”. Among the rappers aside from Dello, BLKD is a good bet for Loonie. But the intelligent rapper just like Gap, choke his verse and give willingly the win to Loonie. Prior to Loonie’s verse, BLKD give a very good verses that even the crowd shouting with astonishment. However, as Loonie got his time BLKD was obviously in despair and lost his fighting spirit.

The fourth battle is a long awaited Battle, the battle between the “Sharpest Sword and the Strongest Shield”. This is the questions that always running in the mind of everone “Who do you think will win?”. During that time Dello the Rebuttal King and Loonie the King of Rhyme was battled against the most intelligent rapper in Fliptop BLKD. This was a test between them before the two get rid of each other in the stage. Both of them win against the intelligent rapper with their very own style that made also the crowd and people in the internet hungers to their battle. Unfortunately, the shield was broken into pieces by the sharpest sword. Loonie wins the game at that night and claim that even Dello the King of Rebuttal cannot win against his sharpest verses.

You know now who loonie is? He is the best rapper in the Philippines.




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