Fliptop Top Rappers

Fliptop is a battle league wherein rappers meet to battle their writtens and freestyles on the stage. It is said to be the first Filipino rap battle league which expose the talents of the rappers live in the internet specifically in youtube. However, prior to the born of the official battle league, hiphop artist themselves are already meet in the street to battle with one another. The hiphop in underground prevails until such time that Alaric Riam Yuson a.k.a Anygma, a hiphop artist, created the Fliptop as the First Official Filipino Rap Battle League. After the death of the so-called King of Rap which is Francis Magalona, some critics says that Anygma is the chosen one who will help the drowning hiphop industry and keep it alive. Rappers from the Philippines came out from their places around the archipelago after hearing about Fliptop and bringing the pride of their hometown as they battle with other emcees.

One of it is Marlon Peroramas a.k.a Loonie who is a former rap artist of Rapablic under the banner of our very own Francis Magalona. Loonie of Stick figgas, Badang of Kamandag and Basilyo of Crazy as Pinoy are one of the famous emcees in the league which are also the former rap all-stars of Rapablic. As Francis M. suffers his illness that leads to his death, rap artist from the Rapablic had not gotten a chance to reveal once again themselves to the public. But the death of the king is also the birth of new rappers and hiphop artist around the country as Anygma raise the banner of the Hiphop in the Philippines.

Here is the List of the Top Rappers together with their battle Count and views in their videos.

This data is taken from http://versetracker.com/leaderboard.


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